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February, 5 th 2016

Valentine’s day: love can not be controlled, you can only help … choosing!

valentine's dayLet’s stop with the chocolates that make you fat and gifts that make us stop wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day, that’s why we are waiting in our store to help you choose the right dress …

The right dress that you would like your love you gift,
the proper dress to wear because you’re looking for love and you can not go unnoticed,
the right dress for an evening you are waiting for a long time, that just its idea makes the heart beat faster,

or the proper dress because you’re not looking for love but you just want to feel beautiful.




At Labitino Easy Chic you can choose the way you want: dresses on sale, new arrivals, crazy prices ranging from €39 to 59  in the store on Via Santa Sofia and the great,unmissable gift card that always works.

Labitino Easy Chic is waiting for you and fills your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, to everybody!

P.IVA 08447450969