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July, 14 th 2015

Sales, sales, sales, more easy chic than this?

sales easychic

Sales, you know, are the passepartout to the wildest desires held inhibited for months. Regardless of the available salary what really matters is only sharpen their nails, arm themselves with a spirit of adventure and open dress practice sessions, dressing rooms and lines at checkout queues that will forget – perhaps – only after 15 days off, once deposited in suitcase.
This is the imaginary of sales that makes you go much desire.

Then there is the scenario of discounts where you do not have imagine yourself as a schizophrenic gazelle jumping from one desk to another beating all records in terms of decision-making time on choosing a dress.
Oh no, thankfully, there are places where the balances do not change the rituals of buying and the store did not change their knowing how to welcome customers.

sales easychic

In these places the discount is an expected and pondered event, where a label has the same information as the previous month and the choices can be taken by swallowing, to the mirror, wearing what would become one of the must have of this summer.

At Labitino Easy Chic clothes are bought and will become pieces of life sealed in photo images, thoughts of salt, memories of stars lived and beloved thanks to those so loved … discounted prices!


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