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January, 12 th 2016

Sales, aka the real occasion for which celebrate

saldi_labitino_gennaio_2016_WEB_ENGSaturated with reasons why be more good, sales represent the culmination of the festivities most desirable of the year. And the question is always a bit ‘more psychological than practical: with sales you have the distinct feeling that the Christmas holidays will have slipped away without even realizing it, projecting you in shop windows already spring and thoughts as they prepare to navigate in area summer vacation destination.

But what would be a start of year without the expectation of a handful of weeks in which, every day, after work you can define a plan consolation putting hands in their pockets with little?

We want to inaugurate the year at Labitino Easy Chic, starting from January the 5th, with a plan Sale dedicated to you as consistently as our philosophy: offer to you the dresses of all time at a price even more light, so that most of it can not be!

Because a dress in the wardrobe must stand for the many times when wearing it and the times when just looking at him makes you want to feel good and look with complacent eyes.

What then, let’s say. Sales should not be a clearance sale, but just the opposite, and this happens in most of the commercial realities. Here is, not by us. No concept stores proudly exhibiting the uniqueness of the leaders and their value, never the same as another dress.

Do you want to start in 2016 with a spirit of uniqueness? Good! Come stock up on self-esteem to Labitino, that this is the real way to extend the holiday.
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