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April, 19 th 2016

Outfit for wedding, stop with “I want but I can’t”!


The Outfit for a marriage is typical of this season. But because at every marriage choose the look is always a little ‘suffering?

Because (the other’s) wedding is one of those extraordinary occasions in which you want to be just like in a dream, but then you realize the high costs of a dream dress and with the usability of a dream dress.

Anything but a dream, really!

Thank goodness that then find out the existence of Labitino Easy Chic and so … stop with I want but I can not.


Here you can find long dresses, the kind that you see in magazines and they appear unapproachable, in many different colors, pattern and style … but not strip the flesh off your credit card, chapeau!

Or short dresses, of several inspirations, that dress in ceremonial occasions like precious jewels.

Labitino is in Milan since 2 years and there is no spring in which no flourish thanks and big smiles with our clients.

Also because no one has ever spent more than 129 Euros (and in many if even get away with 59 euro).

From today, Labitino Easy Chic think of your outfit and your only thought will be eventually receive participation worthy of a dream wedding!

And you, how do you imagine yourself?


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