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August, 28 th 2015

Back from holidays




back from holidays

The word ho-li-day speaks for itself … you must say anything else?

Holiday  is not replicate rituals you feel slave already in the city; vacation is a state of mind first.

Killing alarm, cancellation of thought extended disposal concerns and yes, let’s say, reducing the time spent on the mobile are signs that our synapses are reactivating in a second life.

Idleness (What?), leisure (whose?), Free mind (I have a problem!), no racing (jesus, there is no subway to the beach?) Are the dictates of your new day, to ‘He teaches rhythms folded or simply not programmed.

And what does the dress in this new life? It Does, does.

Summer proclaims lightness and value of forms with colors and cuts that, there is not, they know make even while you brush your teeth.


To dare not necessarily trudge on a heel 12; not at all: to go on vacation habits ingrained and flutter new ways to wear the garments.

At the end of August, the city is filled with girls and women of all ages always a bit ‘more sure of themselves, you realize the ease with which they bring a suit, on the street and at work.

So the appeal of Labitino in these first arrivals in the city is: have the courage to be what you have discovered about you in recent weeks, because the beauty that you see in the mirror comes from your clothes that feel good in the role!

back from holidays

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