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December, 10 th 2015

3 outfits for going out of the ordinary and greet year in an extraordinary way

The outfits of parties have frequently in common with clothes that gleam as if you were a supernova to the telescope. And from Labitino Easy Chic we ask to ourselves: but to be really dressed up you always have to look like the comet star of your Christmas tree?
Here is at least three outfits worthy of a delicious dinner, a romantic dinner or a drink with the barrels in which only you will be to shine, lighted by no means trivial clothes.

1. Long is the new Short
Because it says about sensuality and forms making them perceive through slits generous and adherences that can be expressed in length without ever being coarse. Not even in the more loose dancing that from midnight take hold with that shot moreā€¦


2. Cheap is the new Chic
Because when you pay too much you always feel a bit inappropriate in a dress that seems to exceed the value of its wearer. But no: the dress must exalt you, not the reverse. Since that balanced price will blossom understanding that will make you a magic and especially chic.


3. Ordinary is the new…extraordinary!
Because are you wearing it, giving personality to a garment that will turn on your color, your behavior and your accessories. That the rules have to be reversed?
Treat yourself to the holidays with that simplicity so elegant, with that linearity so exciting in the glow around it from which you are absolutely extolled and eccentric in your uniqueness!


And everywhere you are, wherever you go, remember: let make the first toast drink extraordinarily … Easychic!

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